Concerti grossi Op.6 No. 1-4 CD3

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Concerti grossi Op.6 No. 1-4 CD3

Show simple item record George Frideric Händel es_ES
dc.contributor.other Iona Brown / Conducting es
dc.contributor.other Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields es
dc.coverage.spatial Henry Wood Hall, London, England es 2012-07-28T14:38:15Z 2012-07-28T14:38:15Z 2012-07-28
dc.description.abstract This work is one of a series of twelve dashing and elegant concerti grossi in which Handel explores kaleidoscopically shifting relationships among the instruments of a string orchestra. In consonance with the traditions of concerto grosso style he exploits the contrast between a small concertino (group of solo instruments) and a larger ripieno (orchestral complement). Throughout this cycle the concertino features two violins, a cello, and a chordal continuo instrument, and the ripieno comprises larger groups of violins and violas along with a continuo usually played by cellos, string basses, and one or several chordal instruments. This concerto can be played with optional oboes that show up occasionally, mostly to double the ripieno violins. A stately strut and swagger inform most of the initial A tempo giusto through its pompous and proclamatory opening idea and a lyrically sustained foil. The two solo violins dialogue with each other in the concertino passages, and some quiet chords for the ripieno go on some intriguing harmonic excursions in the last part of the movement, eventually arriving at a half-cadence that points to the subsequent Allegro which is a stately and bustling affair driven by rapidly repeated notes in the accompaniments and some in the melodic lines themselves. There follow an elegantly singing Adagio that makes poignant use of suspensions and eventually lands on a half-cadence; an Allegro that begins with the two solo violins starting off a perky fugue (the ripieno comes in on the third entry) and ends with a skittishly quiet phrase that thumbs its nose at the imperious cadence that preceeds it; and an infectiously high-spirited allegro finale that dances energetically in triple meter. es
dc.description.tableofcontents CD3-- Concerto grosso Op.6 No.1 in G; I A tempo giusto, II Allegro, III Adagio, IV Allegro, V Allegro-- Concerto grosso Op.6 No.2 in F; I Andante larghetto, II Allegro, III Largo, IV Allegro ma non troppo-- Concerto grosso Op.6 No.4 in E minor; I Larghetto, II Andante, III Allegro, IV Polonaise- Andante, V Allegro ma non troppo-- Concerto grosso Op.6 No.4 in A minor; I Larghetto affettuoso, II Allegro, III Largo e piano, IV Allegro-- es
dc.format.medium 1 CD-Rom. (44:02 min.) Digital; 4 3/4 plg. es
dc.language.iso en es
dc.relation.ispartofseries A Handel Celebration es_ES
dc.rights Uninorte F.M.Estéreo es
dc.subject.lcc 611474895 es
dc.subject.lcsh Concerto grosso es
dc.title Concerti grossi Op.6 No. 1-4 CD3 es
dc.title.alternative A Handel Celebration es
dc.title.alternative Concerto grossi opus 6 N º 1-4 es
dc.language.rfc3066 eng es
dc.rights.holder Hänssler Classic es
dc.identifier.classification 5028421938776 es
dc.subject.cdu H.14 es

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6. Concerto gro ... F- I Andante latghetto.mp3 3:48 3.475Mb Unknown mp3
7. Concerto gro ... No. 2 in F- II Allegro.mp3 2:47 2.541Mb Unknown mp3
8. Concerto grosso Op. 6 No. 2 in F- III Largo.mp3 2:43 2.486Mb Unknown mp3
11. Concerto gr ... in E minor- II Andante.mp3 1:28 1.351Mb Unknown mp3
12. Concerto gr ... n E minor- III Allegro.mp3 2:28 2.265Mb Unknown mp3
13. Concerto gr ... IV Polonaise- Andante.mp3 4:06 3.756Mb Unknown mp3
15. Concerto gr ... I Larghetto affettuoso.mp3 2:46 2.537Mb Unknown mp3
16. Concerto gr ... in A minor- II Allegro.mp3 2:37 2.400Mb Unknown mp3
1. Concerto gro ... in G- I A tempo giusto.mp3 1:39 1.508Mb Unknown mp3
5. Concerto grosso Op. 6 No. 1 in G- V Allegro.mp3 3:02 2.777Mb Unknown mp3
9. Concerto gro ... Allegro ma non troppo.mp3 1:56 1.772Mb Unknown mp3
10. Concerto gr ... n E minor- I Larghetto.mp3 1:14 1.130Mb Unknown mp3
14. Concerto gr ... Allegro ma non troppo.mp3 1:20 1.229Mb Unknown mp3
17. Concerto gr ... nor- III Largo e piano.mp3 2:13 2.023Mb Unknown mp3
18. Concerto gr ... in A minor- IV Allegro.mp3 2:56 2.680Mb Unknown mp3
Concerto grosso Op. 6 No. 1 in G- Completo.wav 11:18 114.0Mb WAV audio wav
Concerto grosso Op. 6 No. 2 in F- Completo.wav 11:04 111.7Mb WAV audio wav
Concerto grosso ... 3 in E minor- Completo.wav 10:25 105.0Mb WAV audio wav
Concerto grosso ... 4 in A minor- Completo.wav 10:23 104.7Mb WAV audio wav
2. Concerto gro ... No. 1 in G- II Allegro.mp3 1:47 1.638Mb Unknown mp3
3. Concerto gro ... No. 1 in G- III Adagio.mp3 2:33 2.341Mb Unknown mp3
4. Concerto gro ... No. 1 in G- IV Allegro.mp3 2:30 2.285Mb Unknown mp3

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