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Get off - hot numbers

Show simple item record Foxy (Musical group) es_ES Ish Ledesma es_ES
dc.contributor.other Ish "Angel" Ledesma es_ES
dc.contributor.other Richard "Richie" Puente es_ES
dc.contributor.other Charlie Murciano es_ES
dc.contributor.other Arnold Paseiro es_ES
dc.contributor.other Joe Galdo es_ES
dc.contributor.other Carl Driggs es_ES
dc.coverage.spatial Estados Unidos es_ES 2016-07-19T15:48:59Z 2016-07-19T15:48:59Z 1998 1998
dc.description.tableofcontents Get Off: Tena's song (Ledesma/Murciano)-- Ready for love (Ledesma)-- Madamoiselle (Driggs/Ledesma)-- You (Ledesma)-- Get off (Driggs/Ledesma)-- Lucky me (Ledesma)-- Goin' back to you (Murciano)-- It's happening (Driggs/Ledesma)-- Hot Number: Head hunter (Ledesma)-- Devil boogie (Ledesma)-- Give me a break (Ledesma/Puente)-- Nobody will ever take me away from you (Ledesma)-- Chicapbon (Ledesma)-- Hot numbers (Ledesma)-- Lady (Ledesma)-- Give me that groove (Ledesma)-- Lady of the streets (Ledesma)-- es_ES
dc.format.extent 78 Min., 23 Seg. es_ES
dc.format.medium 1 CD Rom, (78 min., 23 seg.) Stereo, 4 3/4 plg. es_ES
dc.language.iso en es_ES
dc.rights Uninorte F.M. Estéreo es_ES
dc.subject.lcc 607253696 es_ES
dc.subject.lcsh Rock es_ES
dc.subject.lcsh Música disco es_ES
dc.title Get off - hot numbers es_ES
dc.title.alternative Hot numbers es_ES
dc.title.alternative Collectables disco classics. es_ES
dc.rights.holder Collectables Recors Corp. es_ES
dc.identifier.classification 90431623329 es_ES
dc.subject.cdu Rock. 1034 es_ES

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1. Tena's Song.mp3 4:53 4.518Mb mp3 audio .mp3
2. Ready for Love.mp3 4:01 3.733Mb mp3 audio .mp3
3. Madamoiselle.mp3 4:45 4.400Mb mp3 audio .mp3
4. You.mp3 6:16 5.791Mb mp3 audio .mp3
5. Get Off.mp3 4:02 3.743Mb mp3 audio .mp3
6. Lucky Me.mp3 6:46 6.248Mb mp3 audio .mp3
7. Goin' Back to You.mp3 5:38 5.209Mb mp3 audio .mp3
8. It's Happening.mp3 3:29 3.240Mb mp3 audio .mp3
9. Head Hunter.mp3 3:23 3.152Mb mp3 audio .mp3
10. Devil Boogie.mp3 4:12 3.898Mb mp3 audio .mp3
11. Give Me a Break.mp3 57 941.7Kb mp3 audio .mp3
12. Nobody Will Ever Take Me Away from You.mp3 5:14 4.845Mb mp3 audio .mp3
13. Chicapbon.mp3 5:42 5.267Mb mp3 audio .mp3
14. Hot Numbers.mp3 4:13 3.906Mb mp3 audio .mp3
15. Lady.mp3 3:46 3.505Mb mp3 audio .mp3
16. Give Me That Groove.mp3 5:18 4.903Mb mp3 audio .mp3
17. Lady of the Streets.mp3 5:11 4.797Mb mp3 audio .mp3
Folder.jpg 50.22Kb JPEG image .jpg
Get off - hot numbers.pdf 907.2Kb PDF .pdf

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