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Canon and Gigue

Show simple item record Johann Pachelbel es_ES George Frideric Handel es_ES Tomaso Albinoni es_ES Charles Avison es_ES Joseph Haydn es_ES Henry Purcell es_ES
dc.contributor.other The English Concert es_ES
dc.contributor.other Trevor Pinnock / conducting es_ES
dc.coverage.spatial Alemania es_ES 2017-09-07T21:14:31Z 2017-09-07T21:14:31Z 1985 1985 2017-09-07
dc.description.tableofcontents Canon and gigue. for 3 violins & continuo in D major; Canon, Gigue / Johann Pachelbel -- Sinfonia in G major. RV 149; Allegro molto, Andante, Allegro / Antonio Vivaldi -- Concerto à cinque. Op. 9 No. 2 in D minor; Allegro e non presto, Adagio, Allegro / Tomaso Albinoni -- Chacony in G minor Z. 730 / Henry Purcell -- The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba / George Frederick Handel -- Concerto grosso No. 9 in C major- A minor; Largo, Con spirito - Andante - Con spirito, Siciliana, Allegro / Charles Avison -- Concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra in D major; Vivace, Un poco Adagio, Rondo all'Ungarese. Allegro assai / Franz Joseph Haydn -- es_ES
dc.format.extent 64 Min; 51 Seg. es_ES
dc.format.medium 1 CD Rom, (64 min., 51 seg.) digital, estereo, 4 3/4 plg. es_ES
dc.language.iso en es_ES
dc.rights Uninorte F.M. Estéreo es_ES
dc.subject.lcc 15376779 es_ES
dc.subject.lcsh Conciertos (Clave) es_ES
dc.subject.lcsh Oratorio es_ES
dc.subject.lcsh Canon (Forma musical) es_ES
dc.title Canon and Gigue es_ES
dc.rights.holder Archiv Produktion es_ES
dc.identifier.classification 2894155182 es_ES
dc.subject.cdu Vdo. 483 es_ES

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1. Canon and gi ... uo in D major 1. Canon.mp3 4:27 4.902Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
2. Canon and gi ... uo in D major 2. Gigue.mp3 1:19 1.496Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
3. Sinfonia in ... V 149 1. Allegro molto.mp3 1:45 1.949Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
4. Sinfonia in G major, RV 149 2. Andante.mp3 1:42 1.765Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
5. Sinfonia in G major, RV 149 3. Allegro.mp3 2:27 2.728Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
6. Concerto à c ... . Allegro e non presto.mp3 4:27 4.984Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
7. Concerto à c ... 2 in D minor 2. Adagio.mp3 3:58 4.282Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
8. Concerto à c ... in D minor 3. Allegro.mp3 2:55 3.276Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
9. Chacony in G minor, Z. 730.mp3 5:13 4.802Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
10. The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.mp3 3:05 2.836Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
11. Concerto gr ... C major- A minor Largo.mp3 2:10 2.370Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
12. Concerto gr ... Andante - Con spirito.mp3 3:06 3.394Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
13. Concerto gr ... jor- A minor Siciliana.mp3 3:16 3.439Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
14. Concerto gr ... major- A minor Allegro.mp3 3:40 4.039Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
15. Concerto f ... a in D major 1. Vivace.mp3 7:54 8.332Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
16. Concerto fo ... ajor 2. Un poco Adagio.mp3 7:43 7.853Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
17. Concerto fo ... ngarese. Allegro assai.mp3 4:30 4.868Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
Canon and gigue ... n D major Canon, Gigue.mp3 5:46 5.273Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
Concerto for Ha ... ngarese. Allegro assai.mp3 20:07 18.41Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
Concerto à cinq ... resto, Adagio, Allegro.mp3 11:20 10.37Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
Concerto grosso ... to, Siciliana, Allegro.mp3 12:12 11.16Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
Sinfonia in G m ... olto, Andante, Allegro.mp3 5:54 5.401Mb mp3 audio .Mp3
Canon and Gigue.pdf 645.6Kb PDF .pdf

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